The Issue:

A Car Dealership was interested in hiring an applicant for a sales position. In the process of doing their due diligence, with regards to maintaining a safe workplace environment for their employees, was engaged to do an employee pre-screening on the applicant.

The Action Taken by performed a comprehensive criminal search, consisting of SSN trace, Federal, County, and Department of Corrections search, driving history, Colorado Sex Offender search, Colorado Courts Integration, and Denver County General Sessions searches.

The Conclusion:

The comprehensive criminal search turned up court documents reflecting convictions and admission into the Department of Corrections Prison System in 1993, for a variety of felonies, including 2 years for vandalism, 8 years for sexual assault on a child, and 13 years for robbery. The applicant was released from prison in 2004. Upon release, the applicant has received citations for driving violations, including careless driving, and driving without a license. This potential employee is currently a registered sex offender.

Had the dealership not been diligent and conscientious in their hiring practices, which, obviously included background screenings, which, in turn, included a sex offender search, this information would not have been part of the hiring decision.