When you are choosing a Background Screening Company for your preemployment screenings, you should be looking for accurate and comprehensive, quick, and competitive pricing….in that order.

If you don’t have an accurate, exhaustive search, you are wasting your money. If the search cannot be completed in a very short amount of time, your needs aren’t being met…you are simply on hold, and at the mercy of your screening company. I don’t think so!! background screening company

Who has a week or two to wait for results when you are trying to get a position filled? You want to get that position filled, and begin the arduous task of training, as soon as possible. Most people have enough on their plates without the additional headache of hiring and training a new employee.I’ll give you an example. NationSearch.com performs preemployment background checks all day long. That’s what we do.

A long-time client decided that they could save some money by combining their background screening services, with a company that was performing another service for them. Thus, eliminating an extra vendor, and hopefully saving some money. The problem they soon found themselves in was the results from their requested background checking were taking far longer than they should, and certainly far longer than the client had been used to when using NationSearch.com services.This situation was caused because the company who’s service the client had decided to combine with did not do background screenings as their core business. Background screenings are a side business for them.

The client found themselves coming back to NationSearch.com on a fairly regular basis, because the requested screening was, at times, taking a week or longer to provide results.

For example, the client was hiring for a position that they, of course, needed to fill right away. After 5 days of waiting for the results from their current background screening provider, the client came to us and requested the identical search. NationSearch.com had the results back to them within 30 minutes of the request.

The applicant had numerous criminal activities listed in court documents, ranging from DUI, to burglary, to assault and harassment, and domestic violence, among others. According to the address/SSN trace, this applicant’s entire history had taken place in one state. Therefore, this was a very simple, non-complicated search, and had no valid reason to take more than a very small amount of time to complete and get to the client.

While shopping for a reputable Background Screening Company, you would be advised to make sure that background screening is the companies core business.