The Issue:

A car dealership was looking to hire a salesperson, and requested that NationSearch check the applicant’s history in order to determine if there was any criminal activity.  Upon performing the sex offender search, the applicant was found to have been convicted of 2nd degree sexual assault, among a litany of other felonies.

The Action Taken by NationSearch:

NationSearch was contracted to do the background screening on this individual, according to the clients instructions.

In do so, a comprehensive screening was performed, including the following searches: county criminal, state specific sex offender registry, state Department of Corrections, Colorado Courts Integration, Federal Criminal State Specific District Court, OFAC/SDN (Office of Foreigh Asset Control/Specially Designated Nationals), Social Security Trace and address trace, and a Denver County General Sessions.

The Conclusion:

The search revealed that the individual had a record beginning in 1986, and had been charged and found guilty of numerous felonies. They had been charged with 3rd degree assault, menacing, false imprisonment, harassment, stalking, in that the applicant continual called and followed another individual, criminal trespassing, 1st degree burglary, wiretapping, domestic violence, criminal intent to commit 1st degree sexual assault (to which the individual plead guilty), 2nd degree sexual assault, violation of restraining order, and violation of bail bond conditions. This individual was sentenced 14 years probation which was revoked due to numerous violations, and eventually turned into 12 years in prison.

The client was armed with the information necessary in order to make an informed hiring decision on the applicant.