Group Interviewing

Written by Helpful Human Resources Information on November 16, 2017

The best tactics when it comes to collecting quality talent, fast.

Every hiring manager knows the pains of the interview process, especially when there are more than a few good picks from the bunch. Group interviewing is one way to fill your recruiting net in a timely manner while gaining access to the best talent possible.

The perfect job description is already scripted, defining both company expectations and job requirements. You have sifted through resumes and called in the most qualified candidates. So, how do we conduct an effectual group interview?





So, how do we conduct an effectual group interview?

  • Begin the interview the same as any, with an introduction to the company and your position.
  • Have all of your interviewees introduce themselves. You could, for example, ask for a small piece of their recent work history background.
  • Create an atmosphere of sharing with questions that leave it up to the group involvement for quality answers. This is a great way to see people with extroverted or introverted tendencies within the pool.
  • Concentrate a handful of questions to ask each individual. Questions like: What things motivate you? What things frustrate you? What are your expectations of your work environment? In what ways do you handle stress?
  • To conclude leave a few minutes for candidates to ask questions to the interviewer or panel.



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