Team Building Toward Triumph

In all types of business settings, healthy rapport between co-workers can—and should—happen organically. Oftentimes, however, building fluid communication and strong camaraderie between team members is an ongoing, evolving process.

Even though applying team building exercises may at first seem imposed and superficial, businesses can take advantage of these creative techniques to shape their staff members into a cohesive, well-functioning team. Cultivating attitudes of collaboration and open participation between departments can go a long way in creating a unified work environment. Everyone has different perspectives and skills that, when combined, have the potential to facilitate transformation. Don’t hesitate to get creative in team building efforts. Motivating employees to get to know each other and encouraging staff to play off each others’ strengths effectively taps into reserves of talent and cooperation that are all too often overlooked in the workplace.

Recruting offered by NationSearch

NationSearch offers Staffing Services to our Colorado clients. Our company strives to stay on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to helping companies hire dependable staff members. Through accessing the most high-tech resources available, we support companies in taking on employees that will be the best fit. Because employee retention and a safe working environment are two critical aspects of a company’s success, we here at NationSearch make these our main concerns when locating potential additions to the workforce. We hand-pick each candidate, taking into consideration years of experience in the industry, problem solving abilities, communication skills, personality compatibility, and we are always on the lookout for that special spark of desire to create a positive impact. Need a hand finding talent to grow your company?

“Hiring and Firing” Presentation Recap

Hosted by the Better Business Bureau Denver/Boulder (BBB Denver/Boulder), co-hosted and presented by the Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) in Denver Colorado. All presentation information and derivatives thereof are copyrighted by the BBB Denver/Boulder and the MSEC.

The Better Business Bureau Denver/Boulder (BBB Denver/Boulder) held their “Morning Perk” seminar for BBB accredited businesses on September 25th, where employment law attorney Christina Harkness took time to explore guidelines for businesses to consider when “Hiring and Firing” company employees. Being in the know and cultivating customized company procedures are imperative to securing company achievement. When it comes to this delicate aspect of managing a business, it is a good idea to keep up on trends and get valuable input from other business professionals.

“Hiring and Firing” Key Points:

Preparation: Get with your team. If you haven’t already, take time to create a solid interview process. Find questions that can be consistent with meeting the company’s needs in locating quality staff members.
When it comes to contracts and job offerings, avoid making promises that cannot be guaranteed. Prevent sticky situations in advance by being upfront with applicants about the job from the very beginning.
Expectations should be made clear to all parties in the workplace, and corrective action must be consistent with the severity of employee misconduct.
Regular documentation of performance, understanding and applying sequential stages of discipline, openly communicating suggestions for improvement, and providing assistance gives companies a solid framework of opportunity for employees to be successful.
If circumstances require employee termination, the BBB/MSEC suggest conducting a review process to come to thorough, informed decisions. Involve an objective third party, such as an HR representative. Evaluate compiled documentation. Take appropriate steps to remain aware of legal risk and to minimize these risks whenever possible.
**All presentation information and derivatives thereof are copyrighted by the BBB and the MSEC.**

NationSearch is your expert in running background screens and navigating the recruiting process. The NationSearch team is always more than willing to help our clients navigate legal components of the staffing process, and to help establish and maintain effective staffing practices. Fro more information on hiring compliance, click here.