Back to Basics

Background screening has become more of an accepted practice in today’s modern, ever-evolving workplace. There are still those companies and business owners out there, however, who don’t believe in the benefits gained by a thorough screening of potential employees. Businesses have little room for error in a world where work-related incidents occur frequently, which can often lead to unwanted public attention.

Background screening is an affordable alternative when compared to the vast amounts of time and resources that are expended fighting hiring negligence lawsuits. A company invests itself in its employees, and should invest in making sure applicants are the right candidate on as many levels as possible. It is always better in the long run to spend the fees on preventative measures than to gamble with employee safety and put the company at risk.
Rescreening employees can be a vital step to growing a company’s brand. Take, for example, the promotion of an internal employee: their new job will most likely include new responsibilities and stricter prerequisites that would not have been taken into account when they were first hired. If a receptionist is ready to advance into an accounting position, a credit check (or a more detailed examination of an existing credit report) may now be a necessary consideration — it is likely these details will have become relevant to the position.
Professional, trusted, and ethical background screening companies should always be used to properly vet potential job candidates. Online database dumps have become increasingly common in today’s background screening industry, but should not be mistaken for a comprehensive screening package. Business can involve risks, but these can and should be minimized when it comes to protecting a company’s workforce.

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