We don’t mean to toot our own horn ….. ok, so we totally do, but please don’t hold that against us. We are just so darn stoked to have received honorable mention in the running for the City of Northglenn’s Office of Economic Development’s Mid-Size Business Award. We are much obliged for the recognition.

“Whoa there, slow down! It’s just an Honorable Mention” you say? Hey, we’ll take it! We put our hearts and souls into providing top-notch background screening and customer service day-in and day-out: it means a lot to be recognized.

More than 90 companies overall were nominated for awards across multiple categories. (And oh, by the way: we were completely unaware that these nominations even existed, so get the thought that we nominated ourselves out of your mind.) The winners of the awards were selected based on dedication, innovation, leadership, business growth and stability, customer service, community commitment and involvement, and for entrepreneurial spirit. We also haven’t overlooked the fact that we have finally reached the status of Mid-Sized Company. Did you hear that?! We have been considered a small company for like, forever, and this helps us confirm that we really are growing!

We get to attend an appreciation breakfast along with the other award winners and honorable mentions. This breakfast is put on by the City of Northglenn where we will be acknowledged for our positive contributions to the City of Northglenn. We sure do try!

Who knows? Maybe next year we’ll get nominated again and win! The sky is the limit.

In all seriousness, our profound thanks are in order to whomever took the time to nominate us. We are forever grateful, and we also humbly accept.

The NationSearch Team