The Advantages of Drug Screening Employees

Workplace Safety

Businesses doing everything possible to safeguard their investment in staff members create a work environment geared toward professionalism and safety.

Create a Solid Workforce

Regular drug screening practices in the hiring process help to increase employee retention and reduce the risk of declines in productivity. This applies to both pre-employment screenings and conducting random drug screenings to get companies out of harm’s way.

It’s Expected

Various industries, such as public transportation, have agencies that require companies to drug screen their employees

Getting Noticed at Work

The modern world is saturated with philosophies touting the best, quickest ways to get ahead in the realms of business. One approach, however, remains timeless and can be universally applied by people looking to get ahead in their careers and in life itself.

Helping others to be successful will actually help you become more successful.

As Charles Dickens once stated, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” When people commit to assisting others to become the most successful versions of themselves, entire working environments can begin to transform in unexpected ways. The best part? Managers and bosses often look for the source of the transformation: YOU.

Are you a person that your co-workers are enthusiastic to see in the morning? Are you the go-to person when there is a question or concern with something? Do you focus on finding ways to support people in the middle of their challenges, rather than focusing solely on the issue at hand?

If so, you are well on your way to becoming noticed by the people you work for in a positive, supportive light. What’s more, these skills are a great preparation in transitioning toward leadership-oriented roles. The difference between a mediocre manger and a great leader is staying alert for opportunities to find employees doing successful things. This creates an atmosphere of solid teamwork and confidence in the job at hand.

Every company needs its management team to consist of individuals who are able to embrace the role of creating a thriving business. Equally important, companies need people who can both grow the business and facilitate growth in the people around them.