Regardless of the position you’re attempting to fill, the hiring process is a lengthy one. There are several steps to take, each of which is just as important as the last. Although you always hope that this process will go smoothly, it can become more problematic than normal if you end up making mistakes along the way.

What are these mistakes, you ask? We’ve compiled five of them right here:

One-Size-Fits-All Application Templates

Providing potential employees with an application to complete, whether in person or online, is typical of most jobs, but if you’re using the same template for all open positions, applicants looking to fill high-level job assignments may be turned off by this little detail. One option you have, of course, is to create a different application for each employment level. But the better plan may be to get rid of job applications altogether and stick with accepting resumes.

Boring Job Descriptions

Many people these days aren’t interested in jobs that sound boring, even if they pay pretty well. While it may be difficult to properly convey the positive, and maybe even exciting, aspects of a position in a written job description, you should at least try. The best way to do this right off the bat is to utilize engaging language and a casual tone. If it’s appropriate, you could even stick in a joke somewhere to give applicants an upbeat, fun first impression. Keep it light and you’re bound to get a better crop of applicants vying for the position.

Over-Reliance on “Yes or No” Interview Questions

We all hated essay questions while in school, but the truth is that “yes/no” questions, which are the working world’s version of “true/false,” simply won’t give an interviewer a detailed enough look at the applicant. Yes/no questions are fine for simple facts, but asking open-ended questions can provide insight into the applicant’s inner workings by encouraging lengthier answers. This also helps to learn about the applicant’s communication skills, which can be essential in any position.

Lacking a Background Check

Since the world is not a perfect place, background checks are essential for businesses. This is especially true with positions that involve handling money, working with children, dealing directly with customers, and other potentially sensitive jobs. If an applicant has anything negative in his or her background, it’s best to know about it up-front so you can deal with it appropriately. Because there are certain national, state, and county laws in place that govern the use of background screening information in the pre-employment process, it’s crucial to make sure this process is handled correctly.

Missing the “Just Right” Hiring Timeline

Although there aren’t “perfect” timeframes as to how long you should take to fill your positions, it’s still worth it to try sticking to a “just right” timeline. Hiring someone too quickly could mean that you’re skipping important details such as references, education verification, or criminal background checks. On the flip side, waiting too long could cause you to lose qualified and worthy applicants. So, while there is no perfect time frame, you can often tell when you’re getting ahead of yourself or falling behind.

The hiring process can be a tricky one and if you make mistakes at any point along the way, it can have long-lasting effects that are detrimental to your company. You can start the process of finding the perfect applicant for a position by enlisting NationSearch to conduct background checks that will give you a more rounded and informed look at each applicant. Reach out to us and we’ll get you started right away!