Choosing the right criminal background check company is extremely important. Needing accurate and timely information is absolutely essential to the hiring process. Unproffessional background screens are a waste of time and money and can threaten the safety of the company and employees.

In choosing the right criminal background check company, you want to consider the following points:dreamstime-noprofile

  1. Pricing: Low cost isn’t everything, but let’s face it; it’s the bottom line of a decision making process. Some companies claim, “one low price” the reality is those screenings are not likely to be FCRA Compliant and will cost far more in consequenses. Professional background screening companies have a wide variety of searches and package options that fit both comapny needs and budget.
  2. Experience. How long has the company been in business, and what is the combined years of knowledge of its employees? Background screening goes beyond the simple click of a button. It takes years of industry expirience and knowledge to gain the manuvarbilty between jurisdictions and state law.
  3. Client longevity. What is the average number of years that the company is retaining its clients. What is their percentage of client retention? What is more comforting than to know hundreds of similar companies to yours are satisfied and always have been with their background checks and the company they work with.
  4. Knowledge and Compliance. Ensure the background screening company is not only knowledgeable of both State and Federal laws and statutes, but also well aware of the implementation of compliance and trade updates. Including FCRA guidelines, if the company  is not compliant, the results are unacceptable for use in the hiring process. Companies are now held liable by the EEOC.
  5. Industry knowledge. Does the company have knowledge of and utilize the correct, most comprehensive databases for the searches they are performing. After all, you are looking for the information you request, and pay for to be the most accurate and timely.
  6. References. Yes, we all know that no one in their right mind is going to give you 3 references of people who are going to tell you how incompetent they are right? However, there are times when a conversation with some of the companies clients will return unexpected valuable insight into a company. Don’t discount a reference check.
  7. Customer Service. Speak to the owner. What is their philosophy on customer service. This is where your conversation with a current or former client can come in handy also. What is their customer service “actually” like? Do they answer the phone, or do you always go to voice mail? When you do speak to someone, do you get your issue/question answered satisfactorily, in a timely manner? Emails…what is the response time, and quality of the response.
    This writer’s opinion….I want someone answering the phone and taking care of me when I call.
  8. BBB status. A company does not need to be a member of the Better Business Bureau in order for you to get information. A complaint can be filed on any company. Therefore, member or not, any and all complaints will be on file for you to review.
  9. User friendly website. Simply put…Is the website easy for you to use, or is it a pain. Did the company place itself in your shoes during the design process?
  10. Peace of Mind. Has all of your due diligence and investigation involved in choosing the right background screening company given you the results and peace of mind you were looking for when you started? can fill all of your background screening needs, and more.