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What makes NationSearch the best choice for your employee background screening partner? It comes down to who you are, and who we are.


20180315_112602-330300-edited-930133-edited.jpgWelcome! I’m Jodie, owner of NationSearch. 
Experience tells me you came here looking for help in streamlining or improving your employee background screening process, and I want you to know you’ve come to the right place.

Ever since my mom opened NationSearch back in 1987, we’ve been at the cutting edge of the background screening profession. While most employers up until that time were opting to make hiring decisions based on gut feeling, we offered them a reliable, formalized process for vetting an applicant’s history and verifying their qualifications, which dramatically improved productivity, retention rates, and profit for hundreds of clients in just that first year.

As a busy HR manager or recruiter in today’s competitive business environment, you already understand the value of high-quality screening services. Rest assured, your CEO or company owner does too. The NationSearch team is committed to delivering quality, comprehensive background screening solutions. We support our clients in achieving increased employee safety and productivity, resulting in greater client profitability and satisfaction. We are devoted to building long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Our ethics and integrity are rooted in the Golden Rule principle: “Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.”


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Here’s why our customers agree that NationSearch is the best background screening partner:

  • We maintain FCRA certification through the NAPBS.
  • Clients calling our office will always speak to a helpful team member — automated phone systems aren’t our thing.
  • Reports are comprehensive and easy to read.
  • There are no one-size-fits-all solutions here: each client is unique, and each report deserves our undivided attention, exhaustive approach, and personal touch.
  • We consistently provide the tangible applicant history necessary to make informed hiring decisions.

The fact that 96% of our clients stay with us year after year is really the defining point we’re most proud of. It lets us (and, hopefully, YOU) know we’re successfully maintaining the mission that’s guided our growth for 30 years now:

"To build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect through our commitment to delivering quality, comprehensive pre-employment background screening solutions."

We’d love to handle screening services for your organization to prove this mission to you. Please, explore our service offerings, and learn more about background screening on our blog. Then, when you’re ready to experience the NationSearch difference for yourself, contact us to discuss what you need.


Jodie Saremi

Owner, NationSearch


  • “EXCELLENT service. I have been working with NationSearch for 2 years and have the highest regard for their service. I know I am getting fast friendly service and can talk to a human with any questions. NationSearch makes recruiting candidates in this tight market more efficient and saves me and my company time and money!”

    – Angela Owens, Ace Radon

  • “You guys will be the first people I call if I start making more regular hires.  I will also be sending everyone I know your way because I have already been very impressed by your level of service and your thoroughness in background screening.  Thank you again for all of your help.

    – Sean Cooper, CFA, President, Fit financial Consulting, LLC

  • “Thanks for being so responsive. Please know that the Florida dealerships are very pleased with our new relationship with NationSearch and are happy we made the change of vendors!”

    – Linda B., Human Resources Executive, Florida Car Dealerships

  • “Your services are excellent. I have zero complaints and we are a huge fan of your accuracy and turnaround times. I would be happy to be on your company’s list of contacts for references.”

    – HR Manager, Regional Manufacturing Plant

  • “Thank you so much! Thank you for all of the information and how great you were on the phone. You were very helpful and informative. I love when companies still have the personal touch. You are awesome. Have a great day.”

    – Lisa Austin, Accounting, HB Specialty Foods

  • "I don’t write these kinds of letters very often, but I am so happy with your service, I felt compelled to tell you about my experience with your company. I consider NationSearch a valued business partner, and I wish you every possible success." 

    – Patty Laushman, CEO, The Uptime Group, Inc.

  • "I thank you so much for all your time and assistance! I appreciate you and all you do! You care and make the extra effort to reach out to employers that need the special skill & service that NationSearch.com provides." 

    Retail Business Owner

  • "They always assist me when I have an issue or a concern."

    HR director, merchant service provider.

  • "We are always treated professionally, and our reports our easy to read."

    Payroll Services, regional car dealer.

  • "NationSearch.com provides information quickly and reliably."

    HR Manager, National Trucking Firm.

  • "Thank you!  Nation Search has a very accommodating team.  We appreciate you all!"

    -Nicole James, Staffing Manager, Stivers Staffing



  • Thank you so much for everything. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to find you and your organization. I look forward to working with you soon. Regards, 
    Jamie, Ubee International

  • I wanted to say, the process was smooth as can be. Always top notch professionals and quick. Thank you. 
    Missy Gale, Gale Construction

  • As always, you treat us like we are your top client and we haven't had a big job in like 3 years.  So, thank you for making this process easy for us. 
    --Missy Gale, Gale Construction

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