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    At NationSearch, we direct our endeavors towards facilitating a win-win situation for both clients and employee talent. We use comprehensive background checks and staffing solutions that will match our clients with fully vetted talent.

    Our one-stop solution will give you a well-qualified and thoroughly screened candidate pool. You won’t have to wade through hundreds of resumes or worry about candidates who do not meet licensing or compliance requirements.


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    Our On-Boarding system streamlines and simplifies your hiring process, freeing up valuable time that can spent on other priorities and responsibilities. Our Applicant Tracking System, also known as Candidate Tracking System and Talent Management Solution, provides an easy-to-use central database for your company’s hiring and recruitment needs.


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    Staffing Solutions

    Our premier staffing solutions are designed to bring high-quality talent to our clients in a cohesive and cost-effective manner. We do not simply give you potential employees who match the necessary job qualifications; we weed out candidates who have a less than desirable background. Every candidate sent to you will be qualified and screened—you won’t ever get one that doesn’t meet your standards.  (Note:  We extend Staffing Solutions to companies that use our background screening services only.)


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    Screening Solutions

    At NationSearch we know how important it is to screen potential staff. Instead of relying on incomplete and untimely instant database information, we provide a full and comprehensive background check.  You want to feel confident that the person you are hiring will not only perform job responsibilities competently, but also that he or she meets your risk tolerance, compliance and licensing requirements.


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 What do our clients have to say?

“Thanks for being so responsive. Please know that the Florida dealerships are very pleased with our new relationship with NationSearch and are happy we made the change of vendors!”

– Linda B., Human Resources Executive, Florida Car Dealerships

“Your services are excellent. I have zero complaints and we are a huge fan of your accuracy and turnaround times. I would be happy to be on your company’s list of contacts for references.”

– HR Manager, Regional Manufacturing Plant

“Thank you so much! Thank you for all of the information and how great you were on the phone. You were very helpful and informative. I love when companies still have the personal touch. You are awesome. Have a great day.”

– Lisa Austin, Accounting, HB Specialty Foods 


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